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Maybe you are developing a web application and you want to expose your application running on your computer to the internet. Normally you will have to do a bunch of configurations to your webserver to let outside traffic even get in. Not only that, you might need to configure your firewalls, routers, etc as well.

Today with this post I am going to show you a simple yet powerful tool I always use to access my locally hosted application through the internet while developing them.

The name of the tool is “ngrok” and what it basically does is providing a…

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I am working on developing a Telepresence Robot Project these days which the core program is written using Java. I have used Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as the mainboard with Raspbian OS.

We have connected few ultrasonic sensors to the robot and had to write a Java class to interface the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor with the raspberry pi using the pi4j library to controll the GPIO pins of the raspberry pi. (Read to learn how to setup that library)

For the following test program, I have used GPIO pin 0 as the ECHO PIN and GPIO pin 1…

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On this post i am going to introduce a method to install any Unicode on your honor 3c without need of rooting. The advantage of this method is even the original honor 3c doesn’t support your local language Unicode websites, or facebook application (for an example honor 3c officialy not support sinhala unicode — sri lanka) by using this method you can view your local language websites without any Unicode errors.

Please read the following Post.

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Computer Engineer

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